Human Resources Policy

ZIT is an equal opportunity employer. We value the diversity of individuals, ideas, perspectives, insights and values, and what they bring to the workplace. ZIT respects each associate, believing firmly that the success of an enterprise is based on that of its entire staff.

We admire teamwork and are devoted to help every ZIT man develop together with the corporation. ZIT offers its personnel harmonious working environment and challenging tasks. Here, everyone helps each other, sharing the happiness from progress together.

Applications are welcome from all qualified candidates.

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Job Opportunities

International Trading Salesman, Ref # ZL-B9-1-V3

1. Responsible for developing business, handle inquiry, compose contract.
2. Hand over order’s requirements to relative departments, follow up production proceeding, make sure timely shipment and customer satisfaction.
3. Take part in composing product manual and operation instruction.
4. Periodically file business documents.

1. Bachelor degree or above with at least one year experience in international trading. Supervisor must have minimum 3 years’ experience in sale of mechanical product.
2. Familiar with communication with customers from America and Europe.
3. CET-4 above, excellent email writing and communication online.
4. Excellent self-driven, result oriented, good ability in study, full of challenge spirit.
5. Skilled in MS software, word, excel, powerpoint.

B2C Operation Clerk, Ref # ZL-B9-2-V3

1. Responsible for Operation of online shop, optimize listing.
2. Customer support, handle item’s return and refund.
3. Analyze competitor‘s product, increase traffic, make promotion plan, make brand spread.
4. Make promotion picture and discerption for market.

1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 above, at least one year experience in Amazon sales, validated achievement.
2. Must have strong self-motivated, result oriented, excellent teamwork skills.
3. Fluent in MS software, word, excel, and powerpoint.

Business Assistant, Ref # ZL-B9-3-V3

1. Receipt of inquiry/information at backend of website, online chat.
2. Post on social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
3. Statist sales achievement of salesmen.
4. Make promotion picture and discerption for market.
5. Assist to administration.

1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-6 above, excellent in English reading.
2. Minimum 2 years experience in business assistant or customer support.
3. Basic knowledge of picture edition.
4. Steady, careful, excellent teamwork, results-oriented, and compatible.
5. Fluent in MS software, word, excel, and powerpoint.

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